Friday, March 26, 2010

MY MONKEY!!!! :)

Alright... YEAH. So it's been a while. My bad :) haha Soooo I'm making it up with the best pistures EVER. Me and my niece Kaycee. Yeah, best thing that's happened to me since... well... Yeah best thing EVER :) I wuve herrrrr

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Hey I'm Kaylee. :) Just moved to Sandy, Utah... from Murrieta, California. I love my family, they're basically all I've got now a days. It's a good thing though that's for sure <3 I love music... MMMMM Music. I listen to anything and EVERYTHING. Seriously. My favorite band would have to be RASCAL FLATTS though. :) BOMB! haha I enjoy runnin when I'm not tired from working haha I don't update this very often sooooo don't get mad at me :p Love ya!